Volunteers must:

  1. Be 21 years of age or older
  2. Pass a background check
  3. Be fingerprinted if they will have any unsupervised contact with a child in care including transportation. A fee of $37.25 will be supplied by the volunteer
  4. Meet the same requirements as an employee who performs that function
We need volunteers from every facet of life.  Volunteers at Hope Haven minister the love of Christ in many different ways including but not limited to:
  • Taking the time to build safe, loving relationships with the girls that lets them know they are precious
  • Teaching Bible studies and facilitating discussion
  • Encouraging various games, recreation and social activities
  • Providing transportation to appointments and events
  • Taking them on outings such as to restaurants, movies, picnics or festivals
  • Inviting them home for a weekend or holiday visit
  • Attending sporting events or extracurricular activities the girls are participating in
  • Teaching them cooking, gardening, arts and crafts or music education 
  • Sharing in activities such as cleaning, laundry, homework or auto maintenance
  • Helping with office duties and building and grounds maintenance
  • Tutoring in school work