What We Do

Hope Haven of East Texas is focused on providing for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of the girls. Our goal is to provide a loving, nurturing environment where the girls will get their needs met in ways that promote their understanding that they are safe, precious, and have a voice.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:35-36)

Girls' Home Ministries

Hope Haven is a General Residential Operation (GRO) that provides Residential Child Care, Treatment, and Transitional Living services to adolescent girls ages 13 to 17 who are in the state of Texas Foster Care System.

Child-Care Services – Services that meet a child’s basic need for shelter, nutrition, clothing, nurture, socialization and interpersonal skills, care for personal health and hygiene, supervision, education, and service planning;

Treatment Services – In addition to child-care services, a specialized type of child-care services designed to treat and support children with Emotional Disorders.

Transitional Living Program
– A residential services program designed to serve children 14 years old or older for whom the service or treatment goal is basic life skills development toward independent living. A transitional living program includes basic life skills training and the opportunity for children to practice those skills.

Ministry in Action

Employees and volunteers at Hope Haven minister the love of Christ in many different ways including but not limited to:

  • Taking the time to build safe, loving relationships with the girls that lets them know they are precious
  • Teaching Bible studies and facilitating discussion
  • Encouraging various games, recreation, and social activities
  • Providing transportation to appointments and events
  • Taking them on outings such as to restaurants, movies, picnics, or festivals
  • Inviting them home for a weekend or holiday visit
  • Attending sporting events or extracurricular activities the girls are participating in
  • Teaching them cooking, gardening, arts and crafts
  • Sharing in activities such as cleaning, laundry, homework, or auto maintenance
  • Helping with office duties and building and grounds maintenance

Please see our Employment Listings or Volunteer Application if you would like to join the ministry of Hope Haven.

Our Approach

Hope Haven of East Texas uses the approach developed by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development called Trust-Basted Relational Intervention (TBRI). This approach has three core principles:1) Connecting, 2) Empowering, and 3) Correcting. Below is a brief video summarizing this approach.