Care Staff
Department: Girl's Home
Salary: $8.25-$11/Hour Depending on Experience
City/State: Lindale, Texas
Education: High School Diploma or GED equivalence
Type: Full Time/Part Time
Experience: Experience working for a Residential setting, Child-placing Agency or other related job experience a plus. Minimum 2 years work experience, preferably teenagers, within the last 10 years.
Contact Name: Jennifer Young
Contact Email:
Date Posted: Nov 15, 2017
BASIC FUNCTION: Providing basic daily care services for the child, while establishing supportive, nurturing, relationships with the child. Care Staff will provide or arrange services to meet the child’s needs and act as a liaison between children and other staff. RESPONSIBILITIES/TASKS: 1. Communicate with supervisor, program staff and service providers to assess and discuss child’s progress and needs. 2. Participate in scheduled staff meetings. 3. Interact with children in the home and on outside activities. 4. Assist in telephone contacts with outside entities and completes all related paperwork. 5. Completes incident reports and all other designated case paperwork in a timely manner. 6. Transport children to various appointments. 7. Monitor activities of the children for compliance with the Minimum Standards for Residential settings, Residential Contract guidelines, and agency policies and procedures. 8. Ensure services for the child are carried out appropriately. 9. Participate in scheduled activities for that are held after normal office hours or on weekends. 10. Report suspected child abuse/neglect to supervisor, licensing and appropriate law enforcement agency. 11. Perform other assignments and duties as requested. 12. Set limits with residents, while professionally handling negative reactions that may occur resulting from setting limits/ discipline. POSITION REQUIREMENTS NOTE: These requirements represent minimum levels in order to perform the job on a satisfactory basis. Candidates must have the ability to satisfactorily perform the essential functions of the job. 1. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and prepare reports. 2. Ability to be certified in CPR & 1st Aid, Medication Administration and Behavior intervention which includes physical restraint of children. 3. Work involves preparing reports and visual inspection involving small details. 4. Ability to recognize differences in sound, such as voices/noises that are loud and playful instead of angry or combative to determine mood and appropriate response. 5. Ability to work under moderate supervision. 6. Ability to exercises patience, good judgment, and confidentiality. 7. Ability to work with frequent interruptions and in stressful situations; ability to respond in crisis situations. 8. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with children, other employees, and the public. 9. Sufficient health to properly discharge duties. Employees shall not be permitted to work when they have infectious disease or skin lesions, for the duration of the communicability. 10. Acknowledge the unique Statement of Faith mission of Hope Haven of East Texas; ability to respond appropriately to the cultural differences among the agencies service population. 11. Must pass Hope Haven Background Check requirements. 12. Must be capable of lifting forty (40) pounds. 13. Must be able to stay alert assigned hours. 14. Possess valid driver's license and have a driver's record which is within the Guidelines of the insurance underwriter. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: This position requires a person with High School degree or GED equivalence. Experience working for a Residential setting, Child-Placing Agency or other related job experience is a plus. Minimum 2 years work experience preferably teenagers within the last 10 years. This position requires the positive completion of a 90-day probationary period. During this time the agency and employee will decide if the relationship is cohesive. At any time during the 90-day probationary period, either the agency or employee may terminate the relationship for any reason.