Department: Residential Group Home
Salary: Salary Depending on Experience
City/State: Lindale
Education: Specific to job
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Required
Relocation: N/A
Contact Name: Human Resources
Contact Email:
Date Posted: Jun 11, 2020
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: business, nursing, sociology, management, social work, counseling, or psychology. A Master’s degree in any of the proceeding fields is preferred. Five years direct experience working with children (13-17) in a foster care or adoption environment. Prior experience in a management position with a Texas Licensed Residential Treatment Center or Group Residential Operation is considered a plus. Executive experience at a senior management level including fiscal responsibility. A Texas Child Care Administrator’s license is required or has all the qualifications to complete the licensing process within 120 days from the date of hire. Primary Purpose: The Administrator is responsible for the daily supervision and administrative of all activities and therapeutic care of the Residential Treatment Center and Group Residential Operation that is licensed and contracted with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Ensure compliance is kept with Hope Haven’s policies and procedure, and that daily activities are compliant with contract requirements, Texas laws and regulations, and such activities meet or exceed the minimum standards for a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and Group Residential Operations (GRO). Ensure that residential physical plant, including the children’s home, surrounding property, equipment, and vehicles are maintained in a timely and efficient manner as to provide an attractive, safe, and efficient living environment for residents and staff. Oversees and directs the development of programs and activities that contribute to the therapeutic responsibilities of the Residential Treatment Center and Group Residential Operations. Initiate and leads in the review of placement of foster children in the RTC or GRO. Responsible for the overall delivery of childcare and treatment programs. Actively participates in treatment team meetings as needed; reviews, approves and signs individualized service plans. Meets with outside consultants; and assist with evaluates and develops contracts with clinical consultants and service providers as needed. Oversees, communicates and coordination of children and staff with the Public-School System to ensure academic standards are met and that the RTC and GRO provide and participates in a full range of activities available via the school system. Develop and maintain a Safety Program that meets or exceeds minimum standards for a Group Residential Operations and minimizes children and staff to exposure to risk with an emphasis on accident prevention. Ensures that the Executive Director is informed via regular meeting and reports as to the operational status of Hope Haven to include RTC and GRO operational metrics, staff management, school officials, regulatory authorities. Participates in public relations assignments and meeting with community organizations including churches, schools, philanthropic foundations, civic organizations and the general public for the purpose of promoting public support of Hope Haven’s mission. Participates in the development and maintenance of an Organizational Staffing Plan that defines the description, qualification, numbers, and duties of employees and volunteers necessary to effectively and efficiently operate an RTC / GRO. Manage and oversee the recruitment of personnel employed in the direct care of children at Hope Haven. Identify and maintain on-going training and support needs to personnel, employed in the direct care of children, that facilitates compliance with licensing and contract standards. Contributes to Human Resource policies, programs, benefits, that facilitate recruitment, development and retention of employees Conducts investigations relative to complaints about staff in accordance with Residential Child Care licensing and ensures the development of corrective action plans for staff and children as necessary including recommendations for licensing enforcement when needed. Assist in the creation, maintenance and monitoring the financial activities of Hope Haven to include annual budget(s), other vendor relationships, and governmental reporting, in a timely and effective manner. Will participate and cooperate in the development of strategic plans for the sustainability and growth of Hope Haven to include analysis of needs and identification of potential resources. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Assist in crisis intervention and situations and needed. Participates in in-service training. (For this position 30 clock hours of job-related training during the first year of assignment to RTC responsibilities. Thereafter, 20 clock hours of job-related training are required. Initiate, coordinate and participates in public relations assignments. Serves as an on-call resources to other managers twenty-four (24) hours per day.