The home is designed to meet the wide range of needs the girls will have when they come into our care.  Located on 6 acres just outside of Lindale, Texas, the home provides the peacefulness of country living while being close enough to benefit from the resources of nearby towns.

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The Great Room is a place for the girls to meet with their friends, family and other visitors. It is centrally located in the home and is set up with Wi-Fi so the girls can use this area for homework.

The Kitchen was designed to be a social environment as well as a place where the girls can learn the skills they will need when they have their own home. Planning and preparation of nutritious meals is an important part of the girls’ experience.

Hope Haven also has a laundry facility where the girls  learn how to do their own laundry as a part of their learning about healthy hygiene.

The Sun Room has a family dining area as well as comfortable places to relax and lounge around. 

The Sun Room is used for fun group activities and recreation. All the furniture can easily be moved aside to make room for classes like Zumba.

Each girl will share a bedroom with one other girl.

They will have their own bed, closet, and dresser.

Every room is connected to a bathroom which is shared with one other room.

Each bathroom also has an area where the door can be closed to encourage the protection of privacy.